Steps on How to solve Common Garmin Errors


The Garmin GPS device is devised with much precision that it does not show up errors that easily. There are few minor issues you can solve if you google out How to solve Common Garmin Errors.

There are few discussion forums where you can post a question like this, how to solve Common Garmin Errors and get varied answers from different people. Sometimes, a single solution may not turn out to be the right remedy for the problem your device is facing. In such cases, these discussion forums prove to be very helpful. All the websites provide you various solutions to the question

How to solve Common Garmin Errors.

In fact, the company themselves maintain a blog/site that states solutions for How to solve Common Garmin Errors. The company had come up with this initiative as they did not want their customers to get trapped in an array of wrong information.

What are some of the common Garmin errors?

These are some of the common queries posted by people under How to solve Common Garmin Errors category.

Why is my Bluetooth not connecting with Garmin GPS device?

This is one of the highly asked doubts under the How to Solve Common Garmin Errors section. These are the remedies.

  • Try to switch off your Bluetooth and then switch on. There might be some connectivity issues which would get solved if you switch on and then switch on.


  • Try to remove the GPS device from the list of connected devices on your phone. Try to establish a fresh connection between your phone and the GPS device.


  • Try to Switch off and on your phone and on the last resort, try reinserting your battery.

Why is my Garmin GPS device shutting down often?

This is the second highly asked doubts under the How to Solve Common Garmin Errors section. When the GPS device keeps shutting down often, it means that the battery is not properly connected with the GPS device. If you are using your device on vehicles like bicycles, then the battery gets displaced from its position due to the continuous vibration. Try to place a spacer in between the battery holder and the device reader to create a connection.

Why is my Garmin GPS device not turning on?

There can be several reasons as to why your device is not turning ON. Try these solutions to turn on your device.

  • Hold the power button for a prolonged duration of time. This would result in the screen getting displayed.


  • There are chances that your battery had got depleted. Try to replace your old battery with a new one.


  • Sometimes, the issue might even pertain to logic boards. If there are too many scratches or bruises on the board, then the board cannot receive proper satellite signals. Try to contact the Garmin GPS Service station and get your logic board replaced.

These are some of the minor issues that the Garmin GPS device encounters rarely. They can be solved by self or you can even avail free services within the warranty period.

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